5 Facts That Are So Crazy They Seem Fake

1. Humans Share 1/2 Of Their DNA With Bananas

We share a lot of DNA with bananas. Some say it's 60% of the same genes. I just wish we could get a scientist to explain what exactly a hollaback girl is.

2. Vending Machines Are Twice As Likely To Kill You Than A Shark

There are a lot of things that we believe in this world. These are some that you can believe, but you'll hardly be able to.

Chances of getting killed by a shark? 1 in 250 million.

Chances of getting killed by a freak vending machine accident? 1 in 112 million.

But then again, how many vending machines do you regularly see in the wild compared to how many sharks? Doesn't matter, I still think there should be a Vending Machine Week on the Discovery Channel. They won't answer any of my letters of demands, though.

3. Nintendo Has Been Around Since 1889
Back then, it was just a trading card company. That means it took about a century for Mario to show up. It's okay, Nintendo. I, too, was a late bloomer. We're glad that they did bloom, though. Because Super Smash Brothers, duh.
4. Doritos Were Invented In Disneyland As A Way To Recycle Tortillas

Doritos were born in Casa de Fritos, a Mexican restaurant in Frontierland. So next time you get the munchies, thank Disneyland! If you're not too busy staring at your hand and wondering how you're going to get that delicious cheese dust off of it.

5. Honey Never Spoils

Honey is a great friend to watch Game of Thrones with, because it doesn't spoil.  

What? That's not the same thing? Are you sure—shoot, you're sure.

But yeah, you can keep your honey as long as you wish.

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