A Study Proves Why Sleeping With An Ex Is A Good Idea

Break ups are bad and the one advice you always get after your break up, is keeping a distance from your ex-girlfriend.

Still, there may come a time wherein you bump into your ex at a party or anywhere, the odds of ignoring are real high at this point but on the other hand you may have a conversation of your long lost happy times together. Sometimes this conversation may bring out the latent feeling and sexual desire for each other.


Yes, sleeping with an ex is as common as the common cold and many of us indulge in it, and feel either ashamed or angry the next day or know for a fact that feelings for them still remain. But what if I told you, sleeping with an ex is not that bad, after all?

A recent research in The Wayne State University having sex with your ex might not be such a bad idea, in fact, the research argues that it may even be a ‘good’ idea.


The study was conducted in two parts and it analysed the daily experiences and activities of 113 individuals who’d recently broken up or were going through a break-up. Two months after the break-up, they were given a questionnaire to fill.

The questionnaire asked if they’d tried to have physical contact with their ex and if they were emotionally attached to them and how they felt, every day, after they’d had some form of physical contact with their ex. The second part was somewhat similar, where 372 participants were asked to take a survey, which asked them┬ásimilar questions about physical contact with their ex’s and their level of attachments with them.

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