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A Teenager Hacked Apple Thinking That The Company Would Offer Him A Job In Return

A teenager tried to land a job at Apple in the weirdest way. Normally you get a job at a company like Apple, you have to educate yourself, get a good degree and experience. However this teenager from Australia had different ideas.

A teenager pleaded guilty to hacking Apple and admitted that he had hoped to land a job at Apple. The Cupertino Giant had heard that the company hired somebody from Europe who had done something similar and assumed that a job would be offered when he was discovered. Instead, he got arrested for his actions.

The teenager won’t be going to the jail, However he is on a bond of $500 AUD for 9 Months.  The culprit was 13 when he started the hacks and hopes to study criminology and digital security at university.

Apple has not commented on the incident as of now and instead stressed that its staff should “vigilantly protect” internal networks and content the hacks. Luckily, no personal data was stolen or exposed due to this hack and it seems like the teenager will now have to work hard and earn a job just like everybody else. 

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